Do you need help completing your tax return?
by Brigitte | Nieuwe projecten | 10 comments

Stichting Belastingwinkel Rotterdam (hereinafter SBR). The SBR aims to help indigent citizens fill in the income tax. This is for many people an annual recurring problem. They do this declaration free and voluntary. They will held an declaration day on Saturday, March 8th in The Hague.

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Join the biggest volunteersproject
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Nl doet the biggest volunteers project in the Netherland will take place on March 21 and 22 March. Join with us!

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Culinary volunteers wanted!
by Brigitte | Do you like cooking? Then this is the volunteer activity for you | Nieuwe projecten | 0 comments

For the children hospice Mappa Mondo Haaglanden we are looking for volunteers who want to cook The food has to be provided at your home and the food can be heated in the Mondo Home.
Mappa Mondo Haaglanden, Huis te Landelaan 9-11, 2283 SB Rijswijk

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