Project coordinator

Each project has its own project-leader.

As a project-leader you have a sort of managing role for one project. You keep in touch with the organization you need for the project. The main responsibilities of a project-leader is managing project details with the group we serve for (make a list of the needed materials, number of persons and other special needs) and keep the core team of Serve the City updated.

Don’t worry, you will get a checklist provided by the core team!

Practically, you are responsible for things like communicating the exact location, time and information to the volunteers. In some projects, the coordinator will also manage the budget and buy materials with the budget which provided by StC. On the day itself, you will keep an overview to see if the project runs as we planned. And after the project day you can talk to the contactperson of the organization you helped to hear whether everything went well. Project-leaders are actually a bit more commitment and have a bit more responsibilities than the volunteers. It's not a lot of work, but it will be fun to see what happens behind the scenes of Serve the City.

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