Sponsor / Financial support

Our organization is entirely dependent on donations: we do not receive funding from governments or political organizations. We need your help to be able to make a difference in the city.
Maintaining this financial independence ensures that we can spend your money where it’s needed most. We don’t pay ourselves salaries and we are all volunteers. Every cent of the money you donate will go straight to the projects of Serve the City.

Make a donation today and help Serve the City The Hague to make The Hague a better city.
Do you have a great idea how we can do our fundraising better? Please let us know. Send your idea to info@stcdenhaag.nl.

Financial support from a commercial company?

For companies which would like to support us financially, we can put your logo on our posters, flyers and website. Do you have a strong connection with our activities and or with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)? Please support us and contact us, info@stcdenhaag.nl.

Make a donation

Stichting Serve the City Den Haag
Bank account NL42 INGB 0008 2476 59

Donations are tax deductible, because we have the ANBI certificaat (deductible gift recipients).